Sometimes a good deal just isn’t

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When I travel, I tend to go for over a long period of time, spending little time in my room as I explore and meet new contacts.

On such a research trip during my early years in the business, I found an absolute steal of a room in Venice.

The room was described as a small single bed only, but boasted a window overlooking the Grand Canal for little more than the local hostels charge. What incredible luck.

I snatched that room up faster than you could say Holy Cannoli.

Arriving at the hotel, I could not have been more pleased. This was an old and tired building but right on the water with just enough quirk to be quaint.

Opening the door to my room, I found myself in a space so narrow I could barely get past the bed to the anticipated window.

italian travel planning consultant group tours women

Chin up, I said to myself. You’ve still got that view. What did you expect for that price? Attitude adequately adjusted, I set off about town not returning until later that evening.

Now that the shock of the tight quarters had passed, I opened the door to my room the second time.

A wall of suffocating heat hit me squarely in the face.

Momentarily I panicked, thinking the room might be on fire. The smell told me otherwise. I stepped towards the window and, hanging my head outside, discovered a pizzeria directly below the hotel with the wood burning oven precisely under my room.

That is when I took my experience to heart.

I realized that a ridiculously good deal probably is just ridiculous.

Since that day I’ve protected each and every client from those types of ‘good deals.’

italian travel planning consultant group tours women

Now that’s more like it.



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