Italian Foodie Gift Boxes that Give Back

We all miss travel right now and many of us have had to cancel or postpone special trips. Some of us are battling more serious issues. All of us are affected. I keep reminding myself that our world situation will not last forever, but damn it sometimes it feels like forever.

In the space between now and travel, my friends in Italy have created something beautiful for us.

They have redirected their passion and talent for showing guests their authentic Italy through guided tours into incredible locally sourced foodie gift boxes delivered to your door. This project takes things one step further. In addition to giving us back a piece of what we lost this year, they are creating work and income for their local producers. Each item in these stunning boxes has a story and a person behind it. When you open your olive oil, you are holding the doors open for the Emanuele and the Prunetti family to continue make their prized EVOO as they have done for over 160 years. Bite into a cantucci and discover a Tuscan tradition from the bakery of Beppe, one of the most cherished members of the local community.

This is nothing short of genius. A win-win for us and for them.

Residents of the USA and Canada click here to order

** I am not receiving any commission or kick-backs on your orders. My purpose is to help promote my dear friends at KM Zero Tours while they creatively navigate through these wild times. **


Read more about this project directly from Arianna and Alessio by clicking here.

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