Never listen to your dad

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I am just going to start off with a bang, rip the band-aid off and expose my darkest skeleton in the closet. Declare my worst travel mistake. Ever.

So. There was this one time, at the Bahamas. I didn’t bring my passport.

Not forgot my passport. Or lost my passport. No, I purposely tucked it back into the file cabinet for safe keeping while I headed to the airport for an all-inclusive vacation.

I blame my father.

In all my years growing up at home and beyond, I rarely listened to my dad. What teenager in their right mind would? We all understood adults knew very little if anything. Summed up perfectly by a bumper sticker: Hire a teenager while they still know everything. That was me and my dad.

Why I chose to trust my dad for one fleeting moment as I was packing for my trip is beyond me, and my mom quite frankly.

Oh no! We never take our passports to the Bahamas.

Really? You don’t?

Oh no, never have. Never needed to.

I wish I could say this happened early in my life, before I was a seasoned and experienced travel. Maybe back in the good old days when we could practically walk our loved ones to their seats on the plane and taking your shoes off for security was unheard of.

No. This was 2009. I was 35.

My occupation? A travel planner. I helped people travel across the ocean to experience other cultures.

I stood paralyzed in front of that check-in kiosk, the machine anxiously waiting to scan my passport. The same passport that was tucked away at that very moment, safe and sound back home hundreds of miles away. I could only think of one thing.

Why did I pick now to listen to my dad?


italian planner consultant guided tours women

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