The Rip Off

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Over the years of traveling, I have been duped on more than one occasion. Each time I’ve learned from my mistakes and grown quite street savvy.

Using my past experiences, I help steer my clients clear of any negative situations.

I have become scam proof.

My last trip to Italy, I was preparing to drop my rental car off at the Rome airport late in the evening. All I had left to do was top off the tank. Gas stations line the roads around the airport making a final fill up very easy. The rates are higher but worth the convenience at this time of the night.

I pulled my sweet ride into the first station spotted. The attendant popped his head into my window, scanned the gas gauge and announced flatly, 20€.

Thank you but no, please fill up the tank.

No fill up. 20€ cash only, he replied.

Are you kidding me? I stood my ground. So did he.

He obviously he no idea who he was dealing with. Not a chance big guy.

I took off down the road full of disgust wondering how many poor travelers had fallen for this appalling sham.

Easing into the very next station, the attendant came to my window and I requested once again to fill up the tank.

He leaned in, glanced at my gauge.

No fill up. 20€ cash only.

What is the great green blazes was going on here. 20€ cash my eye. Nice try boys.

As I ripped out of station number two, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I was not a pawn in an elaborate airport fueling scheme. Could this indeed be the process when you waited until the last minute to fill up as I had done? I drove further down the road, passing several stations before meekly turning into station number three.

Before the attendant could finish he sentence, I handed over a 20€ note. The gauge promptly pointed to full. Right on the money.

The ride to Hertz was one of humble reflection ending with near uncontrollable laughter.

italy planning consultant small group tours women

Maybe I should stick to two wheels.


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