Saltimbocca Regrets in Tuscany

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Saltimbocca. Jumps in the mouth.

The names give to some Italian dishes could not be more fitting. Saltimbocca is one of them.

This dish highlights another talent that Italians have. The ability to create a prefect recipe using only a few, simple ingredients.

While I love a challenging recipe now and then, I truly fell accomplished when I’ve hit the mark with only a handful of items.

As I was savoring my lunch in the hills of Tuscany with Raffaella Cova (an incredible chef and master Instagramer), I noticed I was being watched closely. With only a few pieces of the saltimbocca left on the serving tray and my host in the other room plating dessert, I suddenly became self conscious about seconds.

All I could think of was shoving everything in my face and licking that plate. Every molecule in my body was screaming for more. More. MORE.

Frozen, I left them there.

To this day, this remains one of my biggest regrets and my mouth waters every time I think of this lunch.

Link to Lunch with Raffaella.

Raffaella’s beautiful IG account.


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Italy travel tips planning guided tours women

Italy travel tips planning guided tours women



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