How to Survive When Your Parents Get Too Frisky in Tuscany

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The story is short and sweet today. Is it TMI? Probably.

I am almost 45 years old and I still get grossed out when my parents show too much PDA.

Several years ago, in our favorite trattoria in our favorite hill town, my parents had a little too much of the house wine. They were getting frisky. We hug and say I Love You constantly in my family, so affection isn’t shocking to me.

French kissing like I’m invisible is.

I made them promise not to give me nightmares that night as I tried to focus intently on my second plate of Tuscan sausage. Or was it my third plate? The salsiccia at Trattoria Dardano in Cortona is to die for. The meat is perfectly cooked, served simply and without frills on a little plate. A mandatory side for our family regardless of what we are eating (or drinking). Which, in my parents case, was quite a lot that night.

Buon Appetito,

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