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Top Ten | Travel Memories With My Mom In Italy

I have been asked to be more…..delicate with this list.  While my mom is a good sport she is a tad bit more sensitive than my dad.  I was banned from throwing her 50th birthday party after she watched my … Continue reading →

Top Ten Travel Memories with My Dad in Italy

My dad is my great friend and to the disbelief of my old high school self, I have come to realize we are actually quite alike in personality. Except at some crucial moments when we are traveling. Over the last few years I have … Continue reading →

Top Ten Embarrassing Travel Moments in Italy

It is only fair that I include my personal top ten embarrassing travel moments after poking fun of others.  Ready or not here they are, and a third of them have to do with poo.  I apologize ahead of time. … Continue reading →

Top Ten Things actually heard or done while on tour in Italy

When I was taking small groups on tour in Italy, I learned to never be too surprised at what I overheard.  Some funny, some unbelievable but all entertaining.  I can laugh at this even more knowing I have an entire list dedicated to … Continue reading →

Top Ten Items that I always pack when traveling to Italy

These are the items that I never leave home without (in addition to the obvious things… pants).  Read More Here

Top Ten My Favorite Italian Themed Movies

10.  Under the Tuscan Sun  The reason this movie isn’t any higher on my list is that I get mad every time I see it because it has absolutely nothing in common with the book.  The hot Italian does help make up for it though.  Read More Here

Top Ten Italian Phrases to Memorize

You do not need to be fluent in Italian.  I tell everyone to memorize a few important phrases and use them frequently.  Just that small amount of effort will show the locals that you are trying and they will respond positively to you every time.  Read More Here

Top Ten Reasons Traveling with Kids is Cool

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was crazy to take my toddler to Italy by myself I would have never come back.  You are wasting your money; she will never remember anything.  She will be a mess on that long flight.  How will you pack everything by yourself?  She won’t stand going to museums or sitting through long dinners.  Jet lag, potty issues, getting sick, being bored.  I heard it all.  Read More Here

Top Ten Photos

My very favorite ten photos from my travels in Italy, in no particular order.  Read More Here

Top Ten Blogs and Websites

Here are my very favorite sites to get lost in and waste away hours.  I should know, I’ve done it!  Read More Here

Top Ten Views from my rooms

Albergo Bernini

Read More Here

Top Ten Most Memorable Meals

My top ten list was supposed to have been just that, a quick snapshot of some of my favorites in Italy.  As I started writing the list I couldn’t stop with just a single line.  I wanted any one that is reading it to feel and understand what made these places stand out in my mind.  See More Here

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