Eight Girls, One Night and Two Pounds of Pasta

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Birthdays are a big deal around our house. My kids spend about eleven months planning all of the details for their theme. We’ve had Bubble Guppies, Superheros, Rainbows, Puppies, Frozen (obviously) and even Pink Strawberry Unicorns. After years Disney and Princess inspired parties, I was taken aback when my 14 year old asked for a Pasta Making Slumber Party. Eight girls, one night and two pounds of pasta.

I love making homemade pasta and I am used to my kids helping, but I didn’t expect to have that much engagement from the girls. I figured they would probably last a quarter of the way through the process, and then lock themselves away to talk about boys. I was only partially right. They did spend the evening talking about boys, but they did it right in front of me while all of us cooked together. They did it without cell phones (I have a phone check policy at my house. When you come to play, your phone stays in my bowl upstairs) or my nagging.

italy travel planning guided tours women

They listened. They couldn’t get enough. The best part of the night was listening to them help each other, having them comment on flavors and textures, watching them work together with laughter. The meal was enjoyed family style and I couldn’t help but smile when I heard one of the girls say that making something completely from scratch was so much fun.

Just another reason I am in love with new experiences and learning that has come from my travels.

italy travel planning guided tours women

italy travel planning guided tours women

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3 Responses to “Eight Girls, One Night and Two Pounds of Pasta

  • Katie Keehr
    7 years ago

    ALL of this! Yes! I have a pasta maker just waiting to make memories. Sounds like tonight’s the night.

  • Sounds like an beautiful night! Those will be the kind of memories your daughter will remember years from now. 🙂

  • What an awesome birthday party! I’d like to do that now 🙂

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