Cinque Terre Art | Handcrafted Paintings by Antonio Greco

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The Cinque Terre was recently featured as the theme for our Italian Andiamo Subscription Boxes, and a beautiful lithograph by Antonio Greco of the five villages was part of the collection.

We wanted to make sure not to keep him a secret from our box subscribers, and to introduce this fantastic artist to everyone else.

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Antonio Greco

“My paintings transform these indelible memories into the corners of places from my childhood that I share with you as a glimpse into my life and the people of Vernazza and the Cinque Terre.”

The artist, Antonio Greco was born in Imperia, Italy on November 28, 1957. He spent his childhood in Vernazza, on the coast of the Italian Riviera long before this was ever on anyone’s radar as a tourist destination. Antonio moved to Prato where he pursued the study of architecture, and later he dedicated himself to design and writing. In 1999, he returned home to his beloved Vernazza and opened the Bottega d’Arte Linea Cinqueterre where today he still exhibits his most recent work.

Cinque Terre, Italy Lithograph

As most every reader of this blog knows, my heart belongs to Vernazza.  I have been moved throughout the years by the changes from tourism, the floods and the resilience of the area. When I received my piece from Antonio, with each of the five villages clinging to the cliffs on my print, I was taken back to those first early years as a girl. My first arrival when I hopped off the train and went door to door until I found a room to stay. Where I watched the World Cup in the middle street with everyone cheering around me. Later in my life, where I learned that I was stronger than my circumstances.

italian travel planning consultant guided tours women

Thank you Antonio, your images filled me with memories and continue to do so as I look over them each day.

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I invite you to visit Cinqueterreart HERE and find a piece of your heart in his works. For my readers enter ONCEUPONAGRECO for 10% off your purchases.

italian travel planning consultant guided tours women

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