The one thing that you must do before your next vacation is contact Andi Brown. Andi owns and operates Once in a Lifetime Travel, and truly she offers the most unique advice you will ever receive from a travel expert. Why? Because she is an ultimate researcher who considers a traveler’s wants as well as needs. Her research is meticulous, and she will not suggest a destination, lodging, or dining that she has not experienced herself without issuing a caveat.

On my recent trip to Italy, Andi provided the most memorable experiences that included a professional tour of Pompeii, boat trips, visits to small towns, and every detail clear down to train tickets that were included in a small notebook complete with details of the trip. She introduced us to many of her Italian friends, and they soon became our friends, too. Those people were truly the heart of our tour.

Andi has an innate ability to respect and interact with all ages; she understands the power of listening. Her responses are timely, and she is very well organized as well as flexible. And the bonus? She’s a nice lady with a good sense of humor. Call Andi!

PattiLas Vegas, NV



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