Earthquake hits Cinque Terre in Italy

Map detailing earthquake epicenter and areas involved.

**Second quake hits Italy May 29th, read more here**

**For news on the recent May earthquake in Emila Romagna, click here**

The Cinque Terre has had its struggles with Mother Nature over the last few months and just to prove who is boss she let out a 5.4 earthquake this morning.  As you can see from the map, Vernazza was fairly close to the epicenter

This was the second of two earthquakes felt in Northern Italy over the last two days, with the second being felt in Milan as well as some parts of Tuscany.  At this time no damage or deaths have been reported but people are definitely a little on edge.

The following link is to the latest news report from ASNA.

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16 Responses to “Earthquake hits Cinque Terre in Italy

  • I think Cinque Terre has had enough!

  • Living in California, I’ve felt 5.4 earthquakes…..they can be terrifying. What a year the Ligurians have had.

  • I feel for the people in that region, they must be wondering what they have done to upset Mother Nature, it is tragic. The year is not starting on a positive note 🙁

  • parto domani
    9 years ago

    …I suppose you could write ” Giant Cruise Ship Smashes Off Coast Of Cinque Terre” also…
    The centers of both events are about the same distance apart.

  • I didn’t know about that. I hope nobody was hurt. And I hope the houses were not damaged. It’s such an amazing place.

  • We felt the Friday one here in Bagni di Lucca, very unpleasant feeling. First one I’ve personally felt in 5 years here. With 2 in the same area in 2 days I think everyone is feling a bit edgy at the moment.

  • Devastated to hear about the floods. I found out about them as I was making my post yesterday to my blog. We need to get back there as soon as possible to give them some assistance in any way. Love you blog…

    • So many people don’t know yet about the disaster, I’m glad to have had the info for you. will be posting volunteer help as well as donation info soon now that travel season is just around the corner.

  • Mary Hall
    8 years ago

    I’m traveling there in July, what condition is the town in presently?

    • Mary, it is looking amazing there! The majority of the shops, cafes, gelaterias and restaurants are open. The harbor looks beautiful. Financially they are hurting so I am happy to hear you are headed that way. is a great resource for trails, updates and photos. They just reopened the trail from Vernazza to Corniglia. Train and boats are going as usual. I have more info on my Vernazza tab on my blog.

  • I also conceive therefore, perfectly written post!

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