You Need Some Bolognese in Your Life

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I’m starving just sitting down to write this.
Years ago, I had the luck of spending a day cooking with Alessandra making her incredible Bolognese sauce.

“This is not an Under the Tuscan Sun Experience.” (her words)

Nope. It sure wasn’t.

We gathered in her home, around her personal kitchen to learn the art of Tuscan cooking while her TV belted out Talking Heads videos in the background.

We learned about the careful sourcing of the beef we would be using. Did you know that the butcher not only lists the farm the meat comes from but also the animal?

We listened to her views on politics and the recent exoneration of Amanda Knox. Alessandra and I exchanged stories of heartbreak and hopeful healing.

She was quizzed about the ins and outs of a bidet.

And the bolognese simmered on.

The aroma filled the room and mingled with our stories.

Ale’s recipe is a frequent star on my menu at home, the delicious scent mixing with the laughter, stories and sometimes tears of my family.

Un baci,

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Link to Alessandra’s cooking class.

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